Optimization and further development of WarCry: Magoria

Published by Fenris, 2020-06-07 12:21:20

The last two months have been a period of intensive work on the development of the BDO server. We will not determine actions aimed at developing this part of the WarCry project, focusing our actions on the optimization of encoding so as to maximally improve the work of our virtual world, while ensuring stability of communication on the server-players line.

Thanks to intensive work on the code, we have managed to significantly (because by almost half) reduce the resources used by the server, which in turn guarantees us the ability to support even a large number of simultaneously logged players. The work in this area will last a few weeks, which means that during the holidays we will be able to focus on implementing those aspects of the WarCry world that have not yet been activated.

As a result of the work undertaken, we were also able to fully adapt our server to support BDO in the Remastered version. This is a real milestone, because it means that the mechanics of our world correspond with the development directions of the game developers, giving us some room for maneuver - in the case of willingness to implement original, more interesting solutions.

All people interested in participating in tests on our new world, I encourage you to log in and send feedback, which is very valuable knowledge for us when planning further development activities.